CPP Emulator

Use the CPP Emulator to keep a record of earnings and other personal data (of yourself and members of your family or clientele) and then use it to calculate pension contributions and benefits.

You may find this CPP Emulator radically different from Retirement Income Planning software you may have used. Unlike that, this one does not merely estimate your pension but calculates it given your entire — past, current and projected future — earnings, child-rearing years, divorce date and disability (if any) records.

Using records on file, the CPP Emulator computes contributions by and benefits to every person on file. Besides retirement pensions, the computable benefits are disability pensions, surviving spouse's pensions, combined disability and survivor pensions, death benefits, orphan's benefits, and disabled contributor's child benefits. Pictures of two CPP Emulator screens are attached.

Contributions are calculated for all the years that you and your family members have been or will be working. Benefits can be forecasted. Benefit forecasts can be used to analyze your options under the Canada Pension Plan:

  • What difference would it make to you as a pensioner and to your spouse as a possible survivor if you retired a year later or a year earlier?
  • If you are self-employed and can reallocate income between yourself and your spouse, how would you distribute income among yourselves to maximize your pension benefits?
  • How does a divorce or separation affect the separating spouses' future pensions?
These and many other financial planning questions can be answered with the CPP Emulator. This application is easy to install and run, supplied with a comprehensive manual, and revised to reflect the legislation in force. Annual updates track policy and benefit changes. The release version is updated to 2017. Read the manual for in-depth description of the CPP Emulator. A free demonstration can be downloaded.

A word on the Canada Pension Plan. Contact the Canada Pension Plan for official information about the plan and to obtain your own record of earnings on file at CPP.

Price: CAD$ 149.00 + HST.