ARGENTINE RAILWAYS, Seven papers on their economics and history,
by Sylvester Damus, 2nd expanded edition.

  Staff technical papers, directors' reports, and engineering and business
  news represent the bulk of the sources consulted. That sets this book
  apart from previous literature on the subject and presents it in a new light:
  • Until 1960, the productivity growth of Argentine railways
        was superior by far to that of the economy as a whole;
  • foreign technical improvements were adopted quickly;
  • operating deficits could have been eliminated by rate adjustments alone;
  • a land grant and profit guarantees were impediments to the progress of
        the Central Argentine railway during the first twenty years of its existence;
  • procurement of railway materials from the United Kingdom was competitive;
  • land-owning railway directors did not abuse their inside knowledge;
  • and the Mitre Law disappointed the companies.
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